3D Password: Advanced Password system for new generation

3D Password: Advanced Password system for new generation

3D Password: Advanced Password system for new generation

In the recent years, there are lots of password stereotype such as textual, biometric (facial, finger, eye, voice, etc.), cards, tokens, etc. We cannot ignore the fact that some people hates to carry cards, token for the authentication purpose. Due to this reason, new innovation was held for Biometric Password, biometric is a Natural way of signature or authentication which is considered to be one of the easiest as well as more reliable way of authentication. However, many people also hate to endure through the strong IR contact.

In the past years, people use to keep a simple and easy textual password which was easily hacked by experts as well as common people. The textual password can be easily cracked by small kids as well due to the advanced technology inventions.
Considering all these ups & downs, a new idea for 3D Password has been innovated, where the passwords will be more customizable and it will also be proven as a extremely interesting way of the authentication process. The combinations and sequence of user interactions that occur in the 3D virtual environment will result to 3D password. All the features of authentication such as token, recall, recognition and biometrics will be sheltered under a single and newly innovated 3D Password.

Any objects that we come across in real life can be measured as Virtual objects. Towards the virtual objects, any clear actions and interactions related to the real life objects can be done in the virtual 3D environment.

Some of the objects of the Virtual Environment are as follows:
1. A paper or a white board that a user can write, sign, or draw on;
2. An automated teller machine (ATM) that requests a token;
3. A light that can be switched on/off;
4. A television or radio where channels can be selected;
5. A staple that can be punched;
6. A car that can be driven;
7. A book that can be moved from one place to another;
8. Any graphical password scheme;
9. Any real life object;
10. Any upcoming authentication scheme.

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